Water, and travel water bowl or dispenser. 

  • A dispenser such as a Gulpy Water Dispenser comes in very handy for hikes and longer dog walks.
  • No hamster water bottle please!

Car travel. Please decide where you want your dog to ride safely according to the laws in your state. In some states, it is a traffic violation for a dog to be in the driver’s lap while the vehicle is in motion; in other states, you can be fined for incorrectly transporting a pet (e.g., an unrestrained pet in the uncovered bed of a truck).

  • Some puppies ride in the foot well while young, some dogs ride in the back of a SUV/wagon, while some ride in the backbench. Similar to infant car seat placement, we do not recommend an unsecured pup riding on the front passenger seat in case of airbag deployment. Below are some options to consider:
    • Sherpa bag/soft crate that can be secured to the bench seat or trunk of the SUV/wagon. This option is more realistic for a puppy.
    • Consider plastic crates that can be secured to the bench seat or trunk of the SUV/wagon, or floor of a minivan. This option is most secure, especially if the dog is too distracting or a destructive chewer.
    • Plastic crates have the benefits of attaching water bowls and portable electric fans to the front gate. This will come in handy for long road trips
      • For car rides on a hot day, you can freeze a bowl of water and attach it to the crate gate with a fan on the outside. Portable AC!
    • If you choose to let your dog ride in the cargo portion of the SUV/wagon, consider installing a barrier/guard.
    • A seat belt tethered to a special harness will keep dogs from distracting the driver and jumping out of open doors/windows, but it may not withstand the force of an impact during a crash. Never tether a seat belt directly to the dog’s collar or walking harness. Reference Center for Pet Safety for crash tested harnesses

Please note, a seat cover/hammock alone will not prevent your dog from distracting the driver or becoming a projectile in the event of a low speed collision.

Plane travel. If flying your puppy home in cabin, a pet carrier approved by your airline will be needed.

  • Sherpa Bag’s website has an excellent compilation of airline approved bags by dog weight ranges, http://www.sherpapet.com/products/original-deluxe
  • If your dog is too big to fly in the cabin (and unless it’s a very young puppy, it will be too big for cabin travel), domestic airlines require the use of plastic crates and zip ties to fly in the cargo hold.
    • Please contact your airline for specific requirements and prices and to let them know you’ll be traveling with a pet so appropriate measures can be arranged to de-pressurize the cargo hold. Some carriers do not allow live animals to fly cargo during the warmer months.

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Shopping List:

  • Travel water bowl
  • Sherpa bag/soft crate
  • Plastic crate
  • Optional:
    • Car safety harness and/or tether
    • Backseat cover/hammock
    • Barrier/guard

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