Not Japanese Akita specific, but every pet owner should take time to familiarize themselves with:

If you are interested in learning more, Pet Tech is the first international training center dedicated to  CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats.

Shopping List

These are non-prescription, general things that are good to have on hand. Always check with your vet, breeder, and/or use your own best judgment before proceeding.

  • Alcott has put together an emergency first aid kit for dogs
  • Wound powder. You may purchase a wound powder should you choose but keep in mind that regular corn starch works well to stop bleeding of the nail quick.
  • Small tooth comb to remove foreign objects from coat (e.g., foxtails and burrs or even fleas)
  • Tick remover
  • Chlorihexidine and iodine for use as antiseptic (use at <1% concentration)
  • Elizabethan collar to prevent your pet from agitating an existing wound. JAs can be quite flexible so the neck pillows and soft cones might not do the trick.

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