We’ve collected some breed standards from several international organizations that recognize the Japanese Akita as a distinct breed for your convenience, and invite you to familiarize yourself with the standards to see how they may compare. At this time, we are also preparing a judges education guide for UKC judges which may be of interest to breeders and exhibitors as well.

Please note that in Japan (AKIHO and JKC), the breed is simply called Akita-inu; in the US and FCI nations, it is called Japanese Akita; and in the UK, where there seems to be much confusion regarding the nomenclature of the breed amongst the British general public, it is officially known as Japanese Akita-inu. Although technically not a mistake because of the Japanese kanji character, anyone who refers to the breed as Akita-ken is most likely not a dog person.

JACA Standard | UKC Standard | AKIHO Standard | FCI Japanese Akita Standard | Kennel Club (UK) Standard